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Monday, July 6, 2009

LTNS!!! Been busy with golf, work, shopping and loving myself more...

Anyway we just sorted up the bags collections!

Not much though but i think it's cool!

Using a Fish Eyes Lens

Bourbon with pochette!

We will soon updates again!

2:34 PM

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maria finally got the job i recommended and she is starting work on Monday. Despite having a bachelor in computing studies, she didnt mind the low paying job as a administrative officer, and she seems to look very forward to her virgin job! Though the place is like an hour away from her house, but she seriously don't mind. and COOL!!!! she is giving me a treat to ASTON! Extra cut! I'm coming baby!!!

Actually i did recomend this job to a friend, but she doesn't seem to even give a damn to this job, desite we helped her with a resume. Well, another friend who told me the PAY Is too LOW!!! SO how much do you want? 10K a month and work 4 hours a day with SAT and SUN off? Near your house? Bor Kor Leng lah!!!!

Anyway i wanna thank Adeline for being so patience with me thru out the application of this job! "P

5:08 PM

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meme loves u and miss u.. be gd okay?

11:59 PM

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's finally SAT, and i survived through the weekdays.

I was on half day work, and adjourned to bedok to meet up with my contractor, unfortunately they are not able to do the wiring to the container.. no choice but to pay the estate office $500 to do up 2 phone lines.. :(
Not wanting to meet #$*^#$& bitch there, i went out wif D and picked R and L up from their delivery. Not a boring journey as i get to chat with D. We never really chatted beside my first chicken rice lunch with him last year. LOL. We reached bedok at 530, got back our car and rushed over to the Facais' hse. Their adobe is sooo COSY. I love the kitchen and everything... its so MINE... LOL... Waited for S and P to arrive before we start our dinner. The guys bought Hokkien noodles, Satays and Wu Xiang... Everything was great.. or i didnt have lunch so i gobble up the max intake. LOL..
We played wii :- Raye man and Golf.. Awww... And i've a birdie at the 2nd hole... but the rest sucks... LOL.. we left their place at 1am and shit things happen... The speed trap was activated and captured us driving at 70km/hr when we are suppose to keep at 60 :( the flash light was so bright :( ... BOOOOOOOOOOOO! 2nd summon of the month.
Came home feed the dogs, take shower and slept... I woke up at 11am today! And i'm sooo HAPPY deh!! :P having my cornflakes with milk and playing on my farm town! :)
L also revert back saying someone keen on jeff's car.. :) we will be arranging for a meeting soon...
and and.. i'm craving for Aston today.. LOL.. any1? :P

12:23 PM

Friday, May 15, 2009

sometimes i feel im working with a bunch of morons...

E: me loh
A: some CSO

E: hey A, can u help me with a van later? im sending down to your site for further inspection
A: nggg....
E: Okay.. (keeping my cool) u need the carplate?
A: nggg...
A: Ngggg....
E: So i send down to your place later...
A: Nggg....

Maybe i shd be like her too.. life is simple! But i hate being a moron... WHY WHY WHY???

10:34 AM

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

With the current global recession and my shocking pay cut, i didn't celebrate dear's bday! But i made him stirred fried mee xua with prawns and scallops accompanied with 2 hard boiled eggs this morning. Woke up at 645am, despite having a flu, the dish was done up in 15 mins including boiling of eggs and marinating the condiments. I didn't like the usual soupy meexua so i tried doing the singapore zi char style and hubbi's grading was 9/10. :P He finished his ai xin breakfast at 8am and rushed me to office.. awwww..
meexua 001a
He said he didn't want anything material, cause he had everything.. Thanks dear for not allowing me to spend and i'm glad he enjoyed his breakie.. soo awww again..

8:36 PM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Main Entry:
Middle English frend, from Old English frēond; akin to Old High German friunt friend, Old English frēon to love, frēo free
before 12th century
1 a: one attached to another by affection or esteem b: acquaintance2 a: one that is not hostile b: one that is of the same nation, party, or group3: one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)4: a favored companion5capitalized : a member of a Christian sect that stresses Inner Light, rejects sacraments and an ordained ministry, and opposes war —called also Quaker
— friend·less fren(d)-ləs\ adjective
— friend·less·ness noun
— be friends with
: to have a friendship or friendly relationship with
Click on image for better resolution. XOXOXO

Good riddance? Nope! Actually both me and S felt sad having stabbed badly.. Well, S, you are never awful, we are talking about truth here and whatever we do, its always for her own good. Yet if she doesn't listen, how far can we go? Sometimes it can be pretty tired. Hating someone is tiring... I make LOVE, not war! :-)

Cheer up baby! We have losta activities line up for you after your exams.. We can go golfing, cycling, UP.. awww So much fun... 因为爱就宅一起...

I promise to save some carrots for you! HAHAHAHA!
Nuff Said!

7:27 PM

It somehow boils me a while after reading an entry from a frd's blog. We used to hang out together, we used to sit down and talk abt dogs and sometimes she also helpED me with my boarding. But We have not been talking for months ever since.

For every cause, theres always an effect. It all started many months back when i was upset with my work, i rant in FB just to feel happier than keeping it down in me... Someone commented some nonconstructive replies, and boils me further. I work hard everyday earning that pathetic pay just to keep our family going. I do complain life sucks becuz it really does. and it's still sucks anyway. She told me her man had a pay cut recently, and we were worried for her. Cause she is not working and the sole breeder is her hubbi, but she doesn't seem to care. Me and bestie even helped her with her resume, improve on her resume hoping she can get a job outside but again, it doesn't motivate her at all... We shortlisted a few for her but it seems she doesn’t care. We were very disappointed. We never for once look down on her, but give her never ending encouragings. Ask Yrself, if u r reading it.

My hubbi even helped them with their appeal letter for HDB sales, but somehow they didnt get the ballot. It's really nothing... nothing we can do... its all abt yourselves...

Yes, you helped me with boarding twice and i really appreciate. I'm really alright to let you turn on the aircon 24 / 7, you are allow to cook in my hse, and feel free to pick the cod fish, salmon i have in my freezer. You told me you didnt have money for CNY and his pay day was 2 weeks later. So i gave you a small red packet hoping you last till his pay day. But what did you do with it? You guys went to Vivo, got toys for your dog.. i mean this is for U.. not for yr dog! just don't tell me ... your dog is more important than your life... That money was for you to tide over CNY and pay day, can the money be more well spent? Another disappointment. My hubbi also lent you the car which we thinks is more convient for you guys to travel... All these are just little things i can do to help you.. :-)

Bobby has bad eczema, i can only buy human mud spa to DIY at home and each DIY session only cost me $8.00 .. I don't see the extreme of lavishing spa etc.. on your dog esp when you guys need to be cautious now abt the recent recession. Yes.. i shouldnt even be caring, and not to poke my nosey into your family... So.. tts it! When you say abt others.. pls think twice! We don't fuck each other's hubbi at all.. And please don't seemingly to hump false accusation on others and make yourself look good! We do care abt you.. and if you are reading it.. i hope you know what to do next.

Each time you msg me in FB or MSN, i never reply you.. Cause i'm waiting for the day you gather yourself up and be back at the working society.

And if you prefer that clique.. u can go ahead.. we have no right or wrong to stop you... and you should know better... Thanks for coming into our lives. We were once friend, We did share many things.. and thats it! I hereby wish you all the best in life and in everything you do :)


Oh yes, and please let us know if you still want to redeem the 1N stay batam for you and your hubbi we gave you for yr bday cum xmas present last year.. it was really sad since we cant go on Birthday... cuz S has exams and class... its still redeemable if you want it..

11:47 AM